Expat Neighbors is a unique neighborhood platform triggering neighborhood spirit by connecting expats, returnees and neighboring & global businesses starting from their neighborhood and expand it to the whole city and around the world for those who thrive for a better world with meaningful connections.

From a status to a mindset

Expat Neighbors was born through inspiration of desperation that gave the soul to this movement soon has turned it into a huge community.  It has evolved from being an expat (foreigner with an open mindset in a new city, country hungry to learn and connect) into a MINDSET, an international mindset embraces diversity, creativity, a mode of hungriness stepping into a world of opportunities.

Story of Expat Neighbors at TEDx

Here is the speech of  the founder and CEO of Expat Neighbors, Evrim Kanbur, telling the story behind Expat Neighbors, the story of the journey to 500 audience there and 40.000 online audience. From being broke that led TO starvation to standing on TEDx stage speaking with the world for 18 minutes. Expat Neighbors, this is the new world, it can’t be told, you should watch and join:

Who are Expat Neighbors?

Expat neighbors are expats (foreigners), returnees(local people who studied, worked abroad, speaking good English and came back and miss their international circles as they face with reverse culture shock), neighboring and global businesses. We are the kind of people with bigger hearts and international mindset helping and lifting each other up to create a better world cause  when more and more people have the opportunity to do what they love, then the world will be a better place. 

Where are we?

Shanghai. Hong Kong. Tokyo. Singapore. 

We are expanding to more major cities around the world.

What do we do?

We take online interaction to offline interaction to create an emotionally safe community.

                                              COMMUNITY EVENTS
  • Expat Neighbors District Dinners connect neighbors who live and/or work in the specific districts once a month in each district.

  • Expat Neighbors Picnics that 150-300 people attend every time to welcome  Spring, Summer and Autumn with activities, food and joy.

  • Expat Neighbors Bubble Football Championships that has started with 12 people, went up to 90 people each month triggering team spirit.

  • Expat Neighbors District Mix Party takes place once every 3 months where expat neighbors coming from all districts to expand their connections to the whole city.

  • Expat Neighbors Brunch once a month to talk about anything and everything.
                                                            VIP DEALS

As a multi-sided platform our neighboring and global businesses offer value to our community with VIP deals: